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    So this author, camara boys live, had a big thing on her Geocities site about camara boys live books being available in brick & mortar bookstores & they'd have ISBN numbers and be online and all that stuff. Also had her full size camara boys live book cover up so I sat there for 5 minutes waiting for the damn thing to appear. Not impressive, but she liked it. camara boys live was a cheerleader for her book and sent reviews from a weekly community rag and she bulk e-mailed several pieces of correspondence during those heady days when her book was in prerelease, then release stage in the summer of '03. I broke down and bought a copy from Amazon ? took almost 3 weeks to camara boys live get. And I struggled to read all 176 pages. Tripe. Clich?s abounded. Spelling/grammatical errors weren't there at least. But the writing was thin. The story moved too quickly. The main character was the most realistic as it was most likely based on the author. The dialogue was okay. The descriptions were camara boys live minimal. Had there been a real editor, the book could've been very good. I wrote to Ellen and told her the positive things about the story, avoiding the negativities. She'd been an online correspondent for almost two years, yet after I didn't review her book on and Barnes & Noble she didn't camara boys live contact me. Almost a year later she sent me another e-mail ? to promote a book of her poetry. I was just someone to sell a book to and she was only interested in the sale and hopefully a glowing write up.

    Since I'd already signed the contract with camara boys live, I wanted to cancel it after reading that trash. Now my book would be affiliated with a company that put out just about any piece of writing that came its way. I wasn't expecting much what with my dealings with the extinct eNovel and RJ's eBooks, along with a tiny eBook publisher named Crafts Across America where I wasn't paid monthly as promised. And my novel and short story collection languished at DiskUs, home of the alleged Number One Best selling eBook author of all time, camara boys live. PublishAmerica sent me an author's questionnaire where they asked for basic biographical information; cover art suggestions, and a long list of people who might want to read my forthcoming novel. Please prepare a list (names, and addresses,) of people who know you well enough to be interested in your success as a writer: personal friends, colleagues, relatives, etc., to receive a book announcement.Please limit your camara boys live list and your labels to a maximum of 100 camara boys live contacts. Also, please do not include businesses or organizations of any kind, including bookstores, media contacts, or camara boys live government organizations. Include friends and associates only.?

    The editing process of my manuscript took two camara boys live weeks over the Christmas holidays. I was able to ascertain that the first few pages had been read as some minor alterations had been made, but no changes camara boys live followed for another 50 or so pages. One of the errors that occurred was clearly the result of a spellchecker on the part of PublishAmerica as a question mark appeared after the end of a statement. I'd read of real authors receiving instructions to change chapters, alter endings, delete numerous pages, in other camara boys live words, really struggle to rewrite a book. Why so much effort? Names. Reputation. The publisher wanted to put their name on the best quality camara boys live book that they had invested in. The author wanted a book that was saleable but also well written and something they were proud of. camara boys live editing comprised neither ideal as all they did was put the computer program's spelling/grammar camara boys live checker into action.